Pre-operative Anesthesia

When Can I Eat?
For any anesthetic, you will be asked to stop eating and drinking for a certain time period prior to your scheduled surgery. This includes ALL solids and ALL liquids. Your anesthetic will be much safer when done with an empty stomach. Our recommendations for adults are that you eat or drink nothing for 8 hours prior to your surgery, except for most medications (which can be taken with sips of plain water).
Should I take my usual medications?
You should have been advised during your pre-operative visit or phone call as to which medications you should take prior to your surgery. Typically, we recommend that you take all your usual medications (except for diabetes and blood thinning medications) the morning of your surgery. These medications may be taken with sips of plain water. Again, the exception to this is diabetes or blood thinning medication. If you are taking these medications, you should have been advised as to recommendations. If you are unsure of what medications to take, please contact your anesthesia provider.
Do I need to have any tests prior to anesthesia?
The need for tests (blood counts, EKG, etc.) prior to your surgery depends on many factors. This will be determined by your age, overall health and type of surgery. This should be discussed with you by your surgeon or primary care provider prior to your surgery.
Is anesthesia safe?
Over the years, anesthesia has become a much safer endeavor. In the recent past, the risks of a serious or life-threatening complication from anesthesia were much higher than they are today. Currently, the risk of death during an anesthetic is thought to be around 1 in 200,000. (Less than from driving a car on the interstate). Although a “risk free” anesthetic can not be guaranteed, your anesthesia professional is a highly trained individual who will constantly monitor your state of health (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, depth of anesthesia, etc.) to provide you with the safest anesthetic possible.
Will the anesthesia professional be present throughout surgery?
 Yes, your anesthesia professional will be present throughout surgery.